Léia Sgro (Rio de Janeiro, RJ 1969) - Lives and works in São Paulo. Entrepreneur and multifaceted artist – painter, sculptor, jewelry designer, interior designer, furniture designer and ceramicist – Léia Sgro is a creative by force and work of nature. His concepts, choices and inspirations are pure and challenging. The reuse of materials, its sustainable focus, such as wood, natural leaves 'dehydrated and skeletonized by metal', the range of stones and typical Brazilian seeds, personalize and make its pieces unique and timeless. Graduated in jewelry design from Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry - Tokyo, Japan, the artist embraces and executes each of her creations. From design to sculpture and metal casting, Léia Sgro conveys her strength and skill in concepts that find materialization in classical techniques.

Léia Sgro has had residency established in several locations around the world such as the cities of London, Vienna, Boston, Tokyo, Madrid, Rome, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. With these vivid experiences lived in such different cultures, this Brazilian woman translates her works of art into pieces linked to her roots, the value of the craftsman, of jewelry with its own personality and character.